Instructional Technology Evaluation, Auditing and Planning

Sun Associates conducts instructional technology program reviews - or audits - that assess the impact of educational innovations on teaching and learning. Based upon the findings and recommendations from these reviews, we assist districts in creating meaningful strategic plans for the integration of instructional technology within the learning environment. We take clients beyond their current strategic plans and into an area where they can begin to assess their progress in meeting the vision and goals of these plans.

Instructional Technology Evaluation

Sun Associates has worked with districts across the country to evaluate or “audit” instructional technology implementation. Typically, an audit project involves three basic steps – designing evaluation/audit criteria; on-site data collection; and reporting. Our work centers around an authentic assessment process which combines practice profiling, the development of indicators of success, and the creation of data collection procedures (surveys, interviews, classroom observations, focus groups, etc.) customized to your specific district's needs and audit questions. Our evaluations provide a detailed picture of how a district is currently implementing its strategic technology plan to meet teaching and learning goals. Often, the results of a Sun Associates Instructional Technology Evaluation are used as the basis for establishing new or revised strategic goals.

A full evaluation report will cover key areas such as teacher and student technology competency, benchmark standards, classroom practice, curriculum alignment, infrastructure capacity, and long-range capital planning issues. Reports are presented to school committees and other district stakeholder groups that impact curriculum and technology decision making.

Recent technology evaluation project clients include:

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Sun Associates also serves as the external evaluator for a number of funded educational programs and projects. We work with districts, states, and a variety of regional/national consortiums to provide formative and summative evaluation that guides projects and fulfills project evaluation requirements.

Technology Planning Support

Sun Associates has worked with many schools to face the challenge of updating or rewriting their muti-year technology plans. While most schools have achieved adequate levels of connectivity and networking infrastructure, many still struggle to articulate a compelling vision for how their students will benefit from the technology that has been made available. Moreover, understanding and agreeing upon the process by which vision becomes reality presents challenges at every level. Sun Associates helps our technology planning clients meet these challenges.

Through careful needs assessment and individualized program evaluation, Sun Associates works with schools and districts to set goals, create structures, and build supports aimed at turning planning into practice—with identifiable results. With an eye toward helping districts achieve state technology planning benchmarks (e.g., the STaR Chart indicators, 21st Century Learning Objectives, etc.) we value and make use of input from a wide range of stakeholders, including parents, teachers, administrators, and students themselves. Technology that is fully and seamlessly integrated into the process of teaching and learning and that offers opportunities not otherwise possible requires the coordinated effort of the community as a whole.

Recent technology planning clients include:

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