Program Evaluation Services

Sun Associates specializes in designing plans and procedures to evaluate and assess the impact of educational technology on teaching and learning. Our evaluation work is designed to take schools and districts beyond their current strategic technology plans and into an area where they can begin to assess their progress in meeting the vision and goals of these plans. In the area of program evaluation for funded projects (i.e., "grants"), we work with projects to focus their goals, define evaluation questions, collect data, and to create formative/summative evaluation reports.

Our work centers around an authentic assessment process which combines practice profiling, the development of indicators of success, and the creation of data collection procedures which are to be used to perform a formative progress evaluation of a school or district's educational technology initiative. Our clients often choose to combine our work in designing an evaluation procedure with what amounts to an audit of current technology implementation. In this way, our formative evaluation process can produce a summative product.

An important element of our work is capacity development in our client districts. One desired outcome for all of our work is to help clients improve and develop their ability to scale up the projects that Sun Associates has been brought in to create. We do not overwhelm our clients with "experts"rather, we collaborate to apply assistance where needed and always strive to leave our clients in a position where they can be even stronger collaborators in the future.

Resources for Educational Technology Evaluation

Focus group and interview questions can be found here. We also have sample surveys and classroom observation protocols.

Teaching American History Program Evaluation

An example of Sun Associates' work to evaluate specific grant-funded projects is our work with 14 Teaching American History projects in Massachusetts. These projects - which average $900,000 per project over a three to four year grant period make substantial use of our expertise in formative and summative educational program evaluation.

Instructional Technology Evaluation Presentation

In light of state and district interest in assessing technology's impact, we have recently revised our district workbook for creating technology evaluations.  Also, check out the presentation and associated resources from our ISTE 2014 workshop on Creating Technology Program Reviews.

MassCUE Evaluators Program

MassCUE Evaluators is an example of how Sun Associates can work with district teams - in this case, teams from a number of districts that come together for a collaborative workshop - to develop program evaluations for instructional technology projects. MassCUE Evaluators brought together teams interested in developing outcomes and evaluation criteria for 1:1 technology projects.

Instructional Technology Program Reviews/Audits

Sun Associates work with schools and districts across the country to conduct instructional technology program reviews/audits. No district is too small or large to benefit from a rigorous examination of the degree to which instructional technology is serving its teaching and learning needs.

Three Steps for Technology Evaluation

Most of the evaluation projects we facilitate consist of three distinct steps. This document outlines those basic steps and related outcomes.

Resources and Samples from Sun Associates Evaluation Projects

To give you a better idea of the overall evaluation process as well as some of its tools and products, we have collected a page of samples from various projects. Check here for sample reports, rubrics, presentations, surveys, and other tools.

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