Position Openings

Sun Associates always welcomes the opportunity to review applications for possible openings for contract Program Evaluation Specialists. These positions relate to the organization’s primary business of educational program evaluation with a specific content focus (e.g,. American History and/or STEM subjects). Successful candidates will have a background in primary/secondary education, several years of classroom teaching experience, and a specific emphasis in program evaluation. Consultants are expected to work independently under the broad supervision of full-time Sun Associates program staff.

Program Evaluation Specialists routinely work with primary and secondary school teachers, administrators, staff, and members of the K-12 community in support of the program evaluation of grant-funded projects.   Basic job requirements include experience working with fellow educators; experience developing and implementing a variety of formative assessments; and excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Example Duties:

Basic Qualifications:

Please note that while part-time, contract, work these positions do require work during the typical school day and school year. It is not possible to hold this position as well as a full-time K-12 teaching/administrative position.

Compensation is commensurate with experience.

Applicants are requested to email a cover letter and resume to the Personnel Director at . All attachments must be un-compressed Microsoft Word or plain text files.

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Last updated, March 24, 2009