USVI Student Survey

Dear Student:

The following survey is part of the Virgin Islands Department of Education's effort to assess the progress of instructional technology initiatives in USVI schools. There are many different points of view and opinions related to technology resource allocation, use and impact, and this survey is one way of gathering information on those varied opinions and experiences. Teachers will also be surveyed, schools will be visited, and focus groups will be conducted this fall as a means of gathering more in-depth information on how technology impacts student learning and teacher work.

Data from this survey will be analyzed in aggregate to create an overall picture of technology use in USVI schools for the purposes of local, district, and territory planning. Individual responses will not be tracked and therefore all of your responses will be anonymous.

Thanks in advance for your time and candid responses,


Which school do you attend:

Please indicate your grade:

In each of the questions below that asks for an open-ended response, please feel free to type in as much text as you would like. The box will automatically expand as you type.

The term "technology" in this survey is defined as any of the information technology tools or resources that are provided by your school to support your learning. These would include computers, Promethean/Smartboards, network/WWW/internet access, software, websites, and digital devices such as cameras, printers, and audio equipment.

Your Use of Technology for School Work

1. Please provide an example of how you currently use technology on a typical day at school.

2. Please describe how your teachers use technology in the classroom.

3. Please complete the following sentence by choosing the phrase (from the pull-down menu) that best describes how technology is most often used to support your learning:

When technology is being used to support my learning at school, I am interacting directly with the computer/device.

4. Do you have sufficient access to technology at school to support your learning?

5. Where do you most frequently use/access technology at school?

6. Please rate your your own skills in the following:



Creating presentations (e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi)

Developing spreadsheets (e.g., Excel)

Conducting WWW-based research (e.g., using search engines such as Google)

Evaluating information sources

Using technology as a tool for online collaboration (e.g., Prezi, Skype)

Additional Comments

Use this section to add clarification to any question, or to add any thoughts you might have on any aspect (positive or negative) of how instructional technology impacts your learning and/or school. Once again, please be assured that your comments are confidential.

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