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Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century - Administrator Survey

Dear White Plains Administrator:

The following survey is part of the district's effort to assess beliefs and practices related to 21st Century teaching and learning across the district. This survey is being conducted by Sun Associates, an independent educational evaluation firm that the district has contracted with to collect and analyze data resulting from surveys, school observations, focus groups of teachers/students/parents, and teacher/administrator interviews throughout all White Plains schools.

The data from this survey will be analyzed in aggregate to determine an overall picture of curriculum and instruction as related to technology use in White Plains. We will not track responses from individual respondents, and therefore all of your responses will be anonymous.

This survey consists primarily of 7 open response questions. It has been kept brief specifically so that you can take the time to provide us with thoughtful, detailed responses reflecting your ideas and what happens in your building(s). Please answer as thoroughly as possible---space is unlimited!

Thank you in advance for your time!

Please select the role group that most closely matches your current position:

Please select your school or indicate District-Level

1.Please describe how the teachers at your school(s) promote the development of 21st Century Learning skills:

2. What evidence do you see that students in your school(s) are developing these learning skills?

3.Please describe the value that you believe technology brings to teachers in your building(s). Please be specific re: type of technology used and perceived value.

4. How does using technology currently impact student learning in your school(s)? Please be specific re: what technology is used and what impact you see.

Student Technology Skills

5. We are interested in knowing what technology skills you think students should have. For each of the skills listed below, please assign a level at which you feel that skill is most appropriately taught.

Student Technology Skill

This skill should ideally be taught in...

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Using a word processor to create a text document or type a paper/essay

Using a presentation manager (e.g. PowerPoint) to create and display a presentation

Using a spreadsheet (e.g., Excel) to organize numerical information

Creating a database using a database creation program (e.g., Access)

Creating a document using a page layout and graphics software (e.g., Publisher)

Demonstrating basic proficiency in typing (e.g., can type with all 10 fingers)

Using the WWW for research with a minimal amount of teacher/parent guidance

Differentiating between fictitious/erroneous/unreliable sources of information versus reliable information.

Using specialized databases (e.g., World Book online)

Designing and publishing a webpage

Creating multimedia resources (digital videos, podcasts, etc.)

Participating in and using online communication (accessing teacher blogs, online courses, etc.)

Using a graphing calculator

If you have any comments about student computer skills or about how students should ideally develop such skills, please enter your comments below:

Expectations and Policies

6. As an administrator, how do you motivate and support your teachers in the use of technology as a tool for teaching and building student understanding?

7. What barriers do you face in your efforts to improve the impact of technology on student learning?

8. Overall, what kinds of improvements would you like to see in how WPSD prepares students to learn and work in the 21st Century?

Additional Comments

Use this section to add clarification to any question, or to add any thoughts you might have on any aspect (positive or negative) of how instructional technology impacts teaching learning in White Plains. Once again, please be assured that your comments are confidential.

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Survey Form Updated 3/27/10