White Plains High School Student Survey

Dear Student:

The following survey is part of the White Plains School District's effort to assess the progress of instructional technology initiatives in all White Plains schools. There are many different points of view and opinions related to technology resource allocation, use and impact, and this survey is one way of gathering information on those varied opinions and experiences. Parents, teachers, and administrators will also be surveyed, and focus groups have been conducted recently as a means of gathering more in-depth information on how technology impacts student learning and teacher work.

Data from this survey will be analyzed in aggregate to create an overall picture of technology use in White Plains schools for the purposes of district technology planning. Individual responses will not be tracked and therefore all of your responses will be anonymous.

Thanks in advance for your time and candid responses.

What grade are you in?

In each of the questions below that asks for an open-ended response, please feel free to type in as much text as you like. The box will automatically expand as you type.

1.How satisfied are you with your access to the technology you need at school?

Very satisfied


Not satisfied

Very unsatisfied

Don't know

2. Please describe any ways that your school could improve your access to technology during the school day.

3. How much impact do you feel technology has on your education?

Great impact

Some impact

No impact

I don't use technology at school

Don't know

4. Please describe how you feel technology could better support your learning.

5. What - if any - barriers exist to your use of technology at school in relation to your schoolwork?

6. The following table lists a variety of technology skills. Please identify which skills you use and how/when you think you learned them.

Student Technology Skill

I use this skill in relation to my school work

I learned this in the 21st Century Skills Course

I learned this before 9th grade

I learned this elsewhere

Can use a word processor to create a text document or type a paper/essay

Can use a presentation manager (e.g. PowerPoint) to create and display a presentation

Can use a spreadsheet (e.g., Excel) to organize numerical information

Can create a database using a database creation program (e.g., Access)

Can create a document using a page layout and graphics software (e.g., Publisher)

Can demonstrate basic proficiency in typing (e.g., can type with all 10 fingers)

Can use the WWW for research with a minimal amount of teacher/parent guidance

Can differentiate between fictitious/erroneous/unreliable sources of information versus reliable information.

Can use specialized databases (e.g., World Book online)

Can design and publish a webpage

Can create multimedia resources (digital videos, podcasts, etc.)

Can participate in and use online communication (accessing teacher blogs, online courses, etc.)

Can use a graphing calculator

7. How confident are you that White Plains Public Schools is preparing you with the technology skills and experience that will be useful to you after graduation?

Very confident

Somewhat confident

Not confident

I don't use technology at school

Don't know

Technology Outside of School

8. Where do you typically access technology outside of school for the purposes for doing your school work? Check all that apply.

At home

At a friend's house

At a parent's work

In the library or other community location

9.What technology can you access for your school work outside of school? Check all that apply.




10. Does your teacher communicate with you via email?



I don't know

11. Does your teacher post information about his/her class online – e.g., homework assignments, resources, samples of student work, etc.?



I don't know

12. How might communication with your teacher or school improve via the use of technology?

Additional Comments

Use this section to add clarification to any question, or to add any thoughts you might have on any aspect (positive or negative) of how instructional technology impacts your involvement in school and/or your learning. Once again, please be assured that your comments are confidential.

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Survey Form Updated 3/12/10