MassCUE Evaluators - Maximizing Your Technology Investment

The MassCUE Evaluators program is a professional development activity that engages district teams around the development of program evaluations of instructional technology initiatives. It is open to any MassCUE member district or school/district in Massachusetts.

The evaluation process that is the basis of the Evaluators program is one which works well as a basic program evaluation methodology for any number of educational projects. In fact, some first cohort teams are using the methodology to conduct instructional technology audits. Sun Associates uses this methodology for our technology evaluation work as well as evaluations of various content-specific professsional development projects.

The following info comes from the four program days in Cohort 2 (2013). New cohorts will follow a similar format.

Resources are provided to support the four-day training.


Boston College's inTASC Project (surveys, data collection tools, reports, etc.)

Sample Focus Group and Interview Questions

Sample Surveys and Observation Protocols

Other Sun Associates Resources on Evaluation and Data Collection

NEIRTEC Information Briefs

1:1 and iPad Projects

On-Line Learning

The Flipped Classroom

Day 1 - July 18 or 23, 2012

Day 2 -- July 19 or 24, 2012

Day 3 -- September, 2012

Day 4 -- January, 2013


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