Surveys and Observation Protocols


Surveys are often created in sets for a particular project. This means that we create a group of related surveys that all respond to a particular set of project indicators but seek information from different groups of people. In most cases, there will be common questions in a survey group. This allows the evaluator to test responses to the same (or very similar) question from different yet related populations.

The following survey sets come from three different technology "audit" projects and are exemplary of our various approaches to surveying. Please note that these are non-working samples (i.e., the "Submit" buttons do not work at the end of each survey instrument).

Remember, no data collection instrument is useful outside of the context of its related evalaution these samples are just examples. All would have to be modified to respond to your project's unique indicators.

Teacher Surveys

Parent Surveys

Student Surveys

Administrator Survey

Observation Protocols

Just as with surveys, observation protocols have to reflect the project indicators upon which the project evaluation is based. Therefore, each project evaluation needs to design its own observation protocol.

The following three protocols reflect the dictates of their unique project indicators.

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