Organizational Philosophy

Why We Work...

Sun Associates is dedicated to providing schools, districts, and all aspects of the educational community with quality staff development experiences that can directly, and positively impact students. In a world of fast paced change and rapid information expansion, our role is to take the time to share specific technical knowledge and experience with teachers as they work to incorporate new tools in their teaching and learning environments. We view each workshop, consulting project, or resource development effort as an opportunity to both learn from our clients and to expose our clients to new possibilities, unique strategies, and novel perspectives.

How We Work...

At the core of any Sun Associates project is a carefully negotiated agreement as to what services our client desires and needs. Rather than creating a ready-made series of workshops and products, we choose to work individually with each client to craft a solution to their unique environment. We are always ready to discuss our prior experience and those solutions crafted with other clients so that new and prospective clients can understand what we do and how this knowledge can be best utilized in their schools.

Our work tends to revolve around several key functions. Most clients will find solutions to their needs in these areas. These are:


Sun Associates provides workshops on subjects such as Educational Applications Use and Integration, Technology Planning, and Technology Evaluation.

Our workshops are best held on-site in a client's school or training facility. If necessary, arrangements can be made to hold workshops in an alternative site. This is sometimes desirable when hardware, software, or network connections (in the case of Applications Use and Integration workshops) are not available on-site. We will travel to a client's location, bring all necessary handouts and ancillary materials, and deliver a staff development session to the workshop participants. Group size, workshop length, and other details are entirely within the client's control. Fees are based on a per diem rate for the trainer or trainers plus the cost of travel and workshop materials. For more information on our fees, see below.


Many of our clients have long-term consulting arrangements that draw upon our services on an as-needed basis. These arrangements can span months or entire school years. Regardless of duration, our consulting arrangement consists generally of a defining meeting with the client, a written proposal of services, a consulting agreement, and delivery of services. Usually, services include staff development workshops, meeting facilitation (e.g., for technology planning committees), research services, and on-call consultation for groups or individuals at the client site. We also frequently subcontract our services to clients on federal, state, and local government contracts. Consulting rates on are on a contract basis and are designed to cover personnel, travel, and any materials that might be required. For more information on our fees, see below.

Much of our consulting work relates to educational program evaluation. Our philosophy of evaluation is one that emphasizes planning and formative reflection.

Information Resources

Sun Associates works with schools, districts, state departments of education, and private sector clients to develop world-wide-web sites, electronic documents, and print-based guidebooks and training materials. We specialize in materials designed to assist educators in the successful integration of technology tools into the classroom environment. Often, our services are contracted for developing a website or other material that carry our client's name or fulfill a client's obligation on another contract. Fees are on a time and materials basis, but as with all of our fees are negotiated per an individual client's needs.


We realize that despite their best intentions to the contrary, most schools do not have sufficient funds available for professional development and other assistance so necessary to making the most out of technology tools. Therefore, we are committed to working with our current and potential clients to develop solutions that both fulfill needs and meet budgetary restrictions. This means that we will develop a package of services priced at the minimum amount to cover our costs and provide effective client service.

All of our fees are designed solely to cover personnel costs and miscellaneous expenses. Typically, a full-day workshop for fewer than 20 participants costs in the neighborhood of $3,000 (inclusive of all costs except travel). In most cases, it is impractical to offer less than full-day workshops, although we encourage clients to combine half-day workshops on multiple subjects so as to reduce costs and make the most of our services. We place no restrictions on clients who choose to resell our services. Many clients will use Sun Associates to facilitate a workshop and will charge a per-head fee to cover their costs.

Consulting and information resource development work varies in cost according to the length of the consultancy or size of the job. A typical small semester-length consultancy costs under $10,000. We have developed a number of small web sites and short (under 50 pages) guidebooks in the $5,000 range.

Again, all of our fees are negotiable and are set according to the scope of work and the client's needs and resources. Contact us for more information and to craft a solution for your particular situation.

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